Filament Tape

It is heavy duty packaging adhesive tape of polyester film to which high strength glass fibre yarn filaments are laminated for bundling of heavy objects such as Engg. Pipes, steel coils, tyres. Holding components & assembly parts in refrigerator. High tense strength, suitable for palletising export cargo & packaging heavy cartons.


A woven HDPE Fabric Tape is a double side coated with hot melt adhesive suitable for fixing of liner in FIBC bags, Heavy duty packaging, bundling of sleet wires. It is a water and moisture resistance tape.


BOPP Film coated with acrylic based adhesive used in carton box sealing and for stationery purpose. Printing of single and multiple color is also possible with logo or customised design.

Duct Tape

It is most suitable for sealing of joints and chinks between pipes, panels and in bodies, Useful in water and sanitary engineering works, Sealing of containers to protect goods against water and moisture, box strapping.

Brown Paper Tape

It is particularly used for heavy duty corrugated box packaging as it provides excellent seal and holding power.