Double Sided Polyethylene Foam Tape

It is specially designed double sided tape for mounting application which assures high performance when adhered to frame profile to solar laminates, that could either manually or by an automated-line process assembling. Available in two major colours White and Black.

Acrylic Foam Tape

Acrylic Foam Tape is a 100% acrylic closed cell construction that can strongly bond metals, glass, many types of plastics. This tape is easy to use, can provide immediate bonding, The viscoelasticity property of this tape enhance the better adhesion penetration into peaks and valleys of the surface providing conformation to irregular surfaces and helps in providing strongest sealing, cushioning and impact resistance. It is fast, easy to use and reliable. The product is available in White / grey / black & transparent colour in a thickness ranges from 0.40~ 2.5 mm with filmic Liner.

Cell Fixation Tape

This transparent tape consist of polyester backing and acrylic adhesive which gives the properties of high immediate tack level and shear strength. Along with the tendency to tolerate lamination temperature, resistant to humidity and other chemicals.