Splicing Tape

Splicing Tape are D/S Tissue Tapes, and provides excellent shear strength to ensure proper splicing of materials (Paper, Films & Fabric). Available in various thickness and multiple peel strength.

D/S & S/S Repulpable Tape

Tissue paper as carrier material coated on two sides with water base adhesive. It is an Eco-friendly — Carrier, adhesive and liner can be converted into pulp again and reused. It is Suitable for very high speed splicing in paper process industries as well as low and medium speed splicing in newspaper and heavy weight paper industries.

Double Sided Plate Mounting Tape- Polyethylene Foam

Double sided differential coating on PE foam (Solvent based Acrylic Adhesive) on both side. It is compressible close linked density PE Foam with White colour PP release film Liner. Its high performance adhesive fixes printing plate firmly and which can be repositioned or removed easily with no adhesive residue. It has a Good resistance to heat, ink & chemical. It is available in various thicknesses.

Double Sided Plate Mounting Tape- Cloth

Cotton cloth coated with Solvent base rubber adhesive on both sides. It is suitable for temporary fixing of all kind of substrates. It leaves no residue upon Removal. The main application of this product is temporary mounting of blanket, Printing for offset Printing machines and fixing nameplates, plastic injection strips, carpets, etc.

Double Sided Plate Mounting Tape- PVC

PVC Plate mounting tapes are designed for high speed flexography, lithography, general printing. It's Semi removable adhesive system for temporary bonding and repositioning without leaving residue after removal. It can be used for temporary mounting of rubber or photopolymer plates tothe printing cylinder or sleeves in flexographic and letterpress printing. Specially designed for printing of business forms, labels, books and newspapers printing etc.