Fine Line Masking Tape

It is a flexible soft PVC tape with a natural rubber adhesive for fine line masking, if a very sharp paint edge is required, especially on painted or unpainted plastic parts and for multi-colour painting. It has good conformability to multi-dimensional surfaces and no edge lifting off and removable without leaving any residues.

Acrylic Foam Tape

Acrylic Foam Tape is a 100% acrylic closed cell construction that can strongly bond metals, glass, many types of plastics. This tape is easy to use, can provide immediate bonding, The viscoelasticity property of this tape enhance the better adhesion penetration into peaks and valleys of the surface providing conformation to irregular surfaces and helps in providing strongest sealing, cushioning and impact resistance. It is fast, easy to use and reliable. The product is available in White / grey / black & transparent colour in a thickness ranges from 0.40 ~ 2.5 mm with filmic Liner.

High Temperature Masking Tape

High Temp Paper Masking Tapes is a pressure sensitive tape made of a thin and easy-to-tear paper. It is available in different thicknesses and suitable up to 130 degree, easy removal from surface without leaving residue.

Masking Tape

Paper Masking Tapes is a pressure sensitive tape made of a thin and easy-to-tear paper. The adhesive is the key element for its application. It allows tape to be easily removed from the surface without leaving residue or damaging the surface.

Body Protection Tape

Surface Protection tapes provides excellent short term protection of appliances from dust, scratches, UV and during transportation. It can be peeled off smoothly and immediately and don’t leave residue when peeled off.

Mirror Mounting Tape

Double side coated PVC carrier with a light and age resistant modified acrylic adhesive. It offers a very strong permanent bond even on rough surfaces. It is largely resistant to plasticizers. It is mainly used for mirror mounting of car mirrors in plastic housings and Mounting of mouldings and decorative trim parts.

Double Sided Polyester Tape

It is an acrylic adhesive coated double side transparent polyester film with a red colour PP release liner. The adhesive system is especially resistant to plasticisers and offers a secure bond even at elevated temperatures.

D/S Tissue Tape

Double sided woven for foam lamination and NEH component mounting & other permanent mounting application.

Floor Marking Tape

PVC shiny film coated with an excellent anti-corrosion adhesive. Ideal for floor or aisle marking and pipe wrapping. It is available in different colour and ranging from 0.135 mm ~ 0.150 mm